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Graphic arts, photographs, illuminated manuscripts & facsimiles collection


This part of the collection includes the work of 18th and 19th century Swiss masters, drafts of decorative art and handicrafts, the estates of renowned architectural draughtsmen, portraits, topographical studies, militaria, calligraphy, Swiss history, social history and political caricatures. Of particular interest are the items bequeathed by Ludwig Vogel. Dr. phil. Mylène Ruoss

Curator, Paintings, Stained Glass, Sculpture, Graphic Arts

Cultural History 1 +41 44 218 65 44

Graphic reproductions

This part of the collection encompasses a number of different historical events, views, militaria, portraits, playing cards, postcards and posters. The materials published by J. R. Dikenmann and C. von Mechel are of particular interest. A new highlight is the collection of Swiss commercial art established in cooperation with the Swiss Graphic Design Foundation (SGDF). lic. phil. Daniela Schwab

Curator, Graphic Arts Collection

Cultural History 1 +41 44 218 66 23

Illuminated books, manuscripts & facsimiles

The ‘Illuminated books & manuscripts’ collection is a small but highly significant collection of Medieval illuminated manuscripts. The gradual from Diessenhofen and a book of hours that once belonged to the Bishop of Sion are special highlights.

The ‘Facsimiles’ collection is a unique collection of illuminated books from various global sources, dating from the 8th to the 16th century.

Further information on the facsimiles collection in the Library PhD Christine Keller Lüthi

Curator, Hallwil Collection, Manuscripts, Glass, Mediaeval Ceramics, Murals, Editor of ZAK

Cultural History 3 +41 44 218 65 46

Historical photography

The collection comprises photographs from 1840 to the present, with all the common techniques of photographic history represented. The primarily documentary photographs relating to Switzerland come from a wide variety of private, business and public use contexts. Significant are the collection taken over from Ruth and Peter Herzog as well as the large stock of photo albums. M.A. Aaron Estermann

Curator, Historical Photography

Study centre +41 44 218 67 31

Press photo archive

The collection is made up of the two press photo archives of the agencies "Presse Diffusion Lausanne" (1937-1973) and "Actualités Suisses Lausanne" (1954-2000). The latter was considered the most important press photo agency in French-speaking Switzerland until its closure. The stocks of the two agencies comprise approximately six million images (negatives, prints, slides). Within the broad spectrum of topics, the main focus is on federal politics, sport and French-speaking Switzerland. lic. phil. Katharina Kofler

Research Assistant press photo archive and study centre

Study centre +41 44 218 65 47